Strictly Science: keeping one step ahead

From 4 – 14 April 2013 in the Exhibition Road foyer of Imperial College London, more than 60 research scientists and communicators from the Medical Research Council and other organisations engaged over 5000 visitors in medical research past and present, inviting them to speculate on the next 100 years


StrictlyScienceProjection from cscweb on Vimeo.


Strictly Science: keeping one step ahead from cscweb on Vimeo.

Featuring interactive tools used by neurotechnologists to study the brain and treat neurodegenerative disease; live demonstrations of century-old experiments on war-wounds, the nervous system and nutrition; and a 3D sound sculpture exploring our hopes and fears for the future. 

A collaboration between the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre and Haberdashery to celebrate 100 years of the Medical Research Council

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